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Media Relations 101

Are you ready? AmericasMart® Atlanta offers numerous opportunities to help you promote your company’s participation at Market, and garner increased media coverage and interest for your brand, company and products.

Step 1 Plan in Advance

Send out news releases about your product(s) as soon as you determine/confirm key details. Editors often file releases in a “for future use” file so they can reference them later for story ideas.

Other information needed by editors in advance includes:

  • Product shots

  • Logos

  • Contact names of appropriate sources

  • General company information/backgrounder

Create an online press room/page where the media can quickly and easily find this information.

Step 2 Target Key Media

Compile a list of key media contacts, including trade, general business and consumer, if appropriate. Search the web or use industry directories, such as Cision, Meltwater News, Factiva and more.

Keep in mind that there’s a big difference between the trade and the general business press and their editorial needs.

  • Trade Publications

    Vested interest in your industry and will often be more eager to cover you and your product(s).

  • Consumer and Business Publications

    Looking for such newsworthy stories as industry trends that have an economic impact and those that relate to the end consumer.

  • Broadcast Media

    Will typically be lookingfor the local news angle. They aren’t as tied into your industry as the trade press, so you’ll want to help them identify potential stories and sources.

Step 3 Make Your Pitch Count

Request editorial calendars for the publications you’ve targeted, or contact editors to find out what they’re working on. This will help you identify editorial opportunities or themes so you can pitch specific content. Just sending out a general release rarely proves successful.

Step 4 Be a Go-To Resource

The less footwork editors have to do, the better your chances of gaining coverage become. Besides press releases, consider sending monthly e-updates.

During all Markets, be sure to stock the Press Room with media kits specific to your company. Twenty (20) to thirty (30) kits should be more than suf cient. All materials should include a cell number so media can connect with you during Market. The Press Room is located on Building 1, Floor 10, 10-D-9B.

Step 5 Schedule Media Outreach

Reach out to the media prior to Market and schedule phone interviews before the show or prearranged meetings during the show in your showroom/booth. Please remember that the media have their own agenda while at Market and are limited on time. Post-Market interviews may work in your favor as the editor/reporter will have time to focus solely on your company and message (during Market, they are pulled in several directions).

Step 6 Follow Up in a Timely Fashion

Follow up on any editorial commitments you received before or during Market to ensure editors have the materials they need. If someone was unable to attend, send them a package that includes a media kit, product samples, photographs and any other relevant show info. Compile a post-Market report or news release, and post this information on your website. Don’t forget to include show logos and high-resolution photos taken during your experience.

Step 7 Provide Press Kits

During the July and January Markets, AmericasMart opens the Press Room (located in Building 1, Floor 10, 10-D-9B) for media members, and exhibitors are encouraged to drop off press kits/packages.

A press kit or an “identity kit” is typically a two-pocket folder with several press releases and photography. You may make the kit as elaborate or as basic as you wish. At the least, please design the press kit cover to include your company name, logo and booth/showroom number. Other options include providing information on a labeled USB drive, a post card with product images or a small sample or giveaway with company information.

Press releases should not be longer than one or two typed pages (11⁄2 spaced); include a contact name and phone number in the upper left-hand corner and a headline, centered, just below that. The most important part of a press release is the rst paragraph—this is where you must grab the editor’s attention. The lead paragraph should always say who, what, when, where and, if applicable, why.

Centered below the last line of the last paragraph type “###”, signifying the end of the release. Include your booth/showroom number on the press release.

Press Kit Examples

Below are a variety of examples with various price points and components. If you need further examples to help with compiling your press kits, there is an abundance of information and tutorials that can be found online through Google.

Other information needed by editors in advance includes:

  • Company Backgrounder This is a one-page document describing the story behind the development/growth of your company.

  • Company Fact Sheet This is an “at-a-glance” look at your company, providing short, bulleted information.

  • Product Release(s) Are you introducing new products? Write a press release about what’s new. Start with the most important news rst and leave the details for last. Example: “Camping has just been made easier. The new (XYZ) gives campers the opportunity to (XYZ)..., Introduced by (MY Company) in (Month, Year), it will...” If you have several new products, you may wish to write more than one product release.

  • Photography If you don’t have actual photos of your product (digital images on CD-Rom or USB drives are best or at least a link to an ftp site with access information) then include a brochure or any collateral material that showcases your merchandise. Be sure to identify the images and always include your company name and phone number with the photo. Keep in mind that editors often turn to press kits for last-minute images, so it’s a valuable asset if you can provide it.

  • General Interest Story This is not necessary, but if your company has a good “feel-good story,” you may wish to share it with the media. You may not get coverage, but you lose nothing by cultivating relationships with the media.

  • Corporate Bios Inform the media of who is spearheading the company efforts, especially if they have a unique personal story or extensive experience in the industry. This includes a brief description of the executive, current role and previous experience, as well as any interesting facts (avoid talking about where they live, how many kids they have, if they like sports, etc...this is not relevant to a media bio). This can also be turned into a media pitch, offering them an expert resource for current or future articles.

  • Reprints/Articles If you have a positive article or two that appeared in print, those may be copied and put into the press kit. This will give the media more information about your product/company.

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AmericasMart Registration is open between shows Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Complete Show Dates | Location & Showroom Hours

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