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The fastest and most secure way to apply for a show at AmericasMart.

Getting Started


This is the Exhibitor Portal Home page.
In this tutorial we will show you how to Apply to Exhibit at AmericasMart.

Step 1

Click on Apply to Exhibit.

Step 2

You are now able to select a Market. Select Gift & Home.

Step 3

You are now at the list of Gift & Home shows. Select the market for which you wish to apply. In this instance, we’ve selected the "Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market".

Step 4

This is the "Select Categories" page. Each show contains multiple floors of temporary booths, each grouped into product categories. Here you can select your top 3 category choices where your company will be considered for a booth location, excluding IDS applicants. Click Select Category 1.

Step 4

In this instance, we have selected the "General Gifts" category.

Step 4

Repeat the process for selection of Category 2 and Category 3.

Step 4

Once you have selected all three categories click Continue.

Your Booth & Company Information

‘Select a booth’ overview

This is the ‘Select a Booth’ form. If you are applying for the same category, you will be able to request your previous booth. If you would like a new space, you can make specific requests here including:
a. Booth size
b. Brief description of companies/products you would like to be near
c. Competitors

Step 1

Once you have entered your details click ‘Continue’.

‘Tell us about your business’ overview

This is the ‘Tell Us About Your Business’ form. Thiswebsite field is auto-populated from information given

to your Sales Rep. If it is black or incorrect, please contact your Sales Rep to have that information updated.

*Required fields on this form are marked with a red dot.

Step 2

Click on Select Your Average to choose your average wholesale price.

Step 3

Click on View My Product Categories.

Step 4

This pop up allows you to add your categories and or sub categories. Click Add Category.

Step 5

Now you can ‘Select a Category’ and ‘Select a Subcategory’.

Step 6

Choose from the drop down list available for both Category and Subcategory.

Step 7

Once you have finished adding your Categories Subcategories click Finish.

Step 8

Once you have finished making all your selections click Continue.

Your Digital Showroom, Categories and Contacts

DIgital showroom overview

This is your ‘Digital Showroom’ page. Here you have access to your digital Showroom tools.

You can provide a company/product description (required) and add logos, services and photos.

Buyer's giuide listing introduction

This is the ‘Buyer’s Guide Listings’ page.
Here you will be able to assign categories and subcategories to the buyer’s guide.

Step 1

Click on Assign Listing 1.

Step 2

In this pop up you can select an existing line or ‘Enter a New Line Name’.
You can also select a category or a subcategory for that line.

Step 3

Once you have chosen or entered your line, click on the category and subcategory
drop down menus to make your selection.

Step 4

Once you have made all your choices click Save.

Step 5

Your chosen line and category will now appear in the list on this page.
Repeat the process until you have added all your lines then click Continue.

Company Contacts overview

This is your ‘Company Contacts’ page. Click on each line to assign your relevant company contacts.

If you need assistance acquiring Attendee Badges please view this tutorial


Once you’ve completed this click Continue.

Confirmation & Payment

Application confirmation overview

This is your ‘Application Confirmation’ page.
Check all you details to confirm they are correct.


Once you have confirmed your details click Pay With Credit Card.

Payment overview

This is your "Payment" screen. Enter your payment details to proceed.


You have now finished the application process.
NOTE: Please contact AppHelp@americasmart.com for all application questions or assistance.

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