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8 Oct

Strength of the South

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The design business in Atlanta -- and all of the Southeast -- is absolutely booming.

By Jenny Heinzen York, Vice President of Home 

JennyI recently saw some stats from Interior Design Magazine that indicate that of all of the design firms in North America, 28 percent of them are based or have an office in the South. Ans of the locations of their projects (nationally and around the world), 47 percent of them are in the South -- far eclipsing other regions of the country. 

What's driving this growth? Lower costs of living and expense to operate businesses are two big reasons. Throw in hospitable climate, an attractive workforce and improving infrastructure... and the South is on the leasing edge of what I think will be a significant, long-term boom. 

Which is great timing for us. 

Offering a broad range of product and price point, we will be setting a new standard for the design center business. AmericasMart's recent addition of a Commercial Design element will drive that future even faster. 

For our part, we are continuing our strong emphasis on between-Market events and programming. Upcoming of note are a color trends session with Sherwin-Williams, as well as a holiday-focused Creative Workshop, Progressive Design Lunch and a full-day CEU Source. 

There's also our Immediate Delivery Show November 6-8 -- your chance to snap up samples and other cash-and-carry products (home, gift and apparel) prior to the holiday season. 

There's no time like the present, so make some plans to get Downtown. We are excited to be along for the ride with you as we watch our sunny South continue to grow. 


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Jenny Heinzen York
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