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30 Nov

Spring Ahead with Creative Gifts


Concepts to keep in mind for Spring and Summer 2019

While some seasons are traditionally known for gifting, retailers realize there are holidays and occasions throughout the year, thus why it’s imperative to always have new options available in store. The January Market is the jumpstart for product introductions across categories so there are myriad new, innovative products showcased. Here are some concepts to keep in mind while at Market: 


Back to Nature 

BacktoNature_Portico Designs

Depending on location or lifestyle, sometimes live plants aren’t viable so faux botanicals or botanical references are practical alternatives to add some greenery to our urban lives. The latest adaptations offer both realistic and playful looks. 


Pet Project

Pet Project_Modern Beast

Americans spend an average of $126 a month on their pets according to Business Insider. That’s more than $72 billion a year. Capitalizing on consumers’ love for their dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, lizards, fish, ferrets and other creatures is smart retail. Consider both pet products and gifts for pet lovers as options. 


Products with Purpose

Purpose_Haiti Made

There’s value in having values  in today’s marketplace. Savvy retailers spotlight how products are different by telling their stories and showcasing their positive impact. The appeal crosses cultural and demographic channels, offering benefits for everyone. 


Think Outside

Think Outside_Picnic Time2

It’s no secret that most people spend the majority of their lives indoors despite multiple studies extoling the virtues of time spent outside. Products that make communing with nature more enjoyable are smart stock as younger generations try to connect with their inner Thoreau. Think both practical and whimsical to create the right mix for your store. 


One on One

Lighter side_Santa Barbara Design Studio

As people look for simple pleasures, products that provide fun just for fun’s sake and comfort for comfort’s sake are more popular than ever across demographic categories. Everyone enjoys a laugh for no reason other than it’s a regular Tuesday. 


Find these trends and more at The Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market this January. 


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Concepts derived from research through WGSN. WGSN is the industry-leading content and technology solution for professionals in the style, fashion and design sectors.For more information, visit 

Images:  Portico Designs, Modern Beast,  Haiti Made, Picnic Time, Santa Barbara Design Studio 


Tammy Trout
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