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8 Mar

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Butterie collection - cover

Industry experts pick some of their favorite new innovations in kitchenware.

By Jessica Harlan

There’s big money in the kitchen these days. Sales of kitchen gadgets and tools topped $1.2 billion in 2017 (according to Statista). But how does that affect you in your store? Manufacturers’ representatives and showroom managers often have the inside track on the most innovative and exciting products. That’s why we decided to ask them for their intel on what they think are some of the cleverest, most well-designed kitchen gadgets they’ve seen recently. Take a look at their picks and see which ones can jazz up your own kitchen goods assortment.


Cam Ryan, The Ryan Group

404.749.4699 |


Chefn-LooseLeafShears - cropProduct: The Looseleaf Plus | Manufacturer: Chef’n

The Scoop: “It’s a combination of shears and a pull-through leaf stripper,” says Ryan. “There are seven different sized holes, from kale on down, you pull the stems through and it pulls the leaves right off.”


 Butterie Cobalt Blue Lifestyle

Product: The Butterie |  Manufacturer: Kitchen Concepts Unlimited

The Scoop: “What most of America doesn’t understand is that you don’t need to refrigerate butter,” says Ryan. “The creator of the Butterie set out to prove that, she took her product to a national testing center lab and had all sorts of scientific tests done, showing that it takes something like six weeks before butter starts to develop microbes.”

The cleverly designed keeper can hold a regular-sized stick of butter, a California-sized stick, or even a block of cream cheese. It’s made of BPA-free plastic, has a removable swivel lid, and comes in a variety colors, with a matching butter spreader.


 Rosti Mepal Cirqula multi bowl

Product: Multi Bowl Cirqula | Manufacturer: Rosti Mepal

The Scoop: “The new Rosti Mepal Cirqula Bowls are great because they won’t stain and they won’t retain smells,” says Ryan. “If you put spaghetti in them, it rinses right out. That’s really unusual for a plastic item.” The bowls come in a variety of sizes and colors, are microwave- safe and heat resistant up to around 230˚F, are dishwasher and

freezer-safe, and have leak-proof lids. The bowls have a beautiful, timeless design just like the original bowls that Rosti Mepal first designed back in the 1950s, and are made in Holland.


Ben Tally, Ben Tally + Associates

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 Finex Skillet

Product: Cast Iron Skillets | Manufacturer: Finex

The Scoop: “Cast iron is a staple in every home, especially the South,” says Tally. “When I ran into this line last year, I instantly recognized them as another iconic brand, along the lines of All-Clad or Riedel Crystal. They’re made in the USA and encompass quality, design, and performance all in one.” The skillets include features like a speed- cool spring handle, an octagonal design that allows for pouring from different angles, and an ultra-polished, hand-seasoned finish.


 Peugeot PARIS PRESS copie

Product: Paris Press | Manufacturer: Peugeot

The Scoop: The Paris Press combines a hand grinder with a cafetiere coffee maker. A few turns of the handle grinds fresh beans directly into the brewing vessel. Add hot water, brew for five minutes, and push the plunger down. “This product grinds the coffee into a vessel like a French Press, so you get the best of both worlds,” says Tally. “Coffee is extremely hot right now and this is one of the most innovative products [I’ve seen] for this channel in a couple of years.”


Joel Kasperzak, Kasperzak & Associates


 Imersa Elite

Product: Imersa Elite | Manufacturer: Vesta

The Scoop: “This is a great product that fits in a drawer,” says Kasperzak. “Its unique design keeps the electronics component away from the steam of the sous vide bath.” The Immersa has wi-fi connectivity, a touchscreen digital display, and can heat up to 30 liters of water. It has a compact, foldable design.


Product: Microwave Grill | Manufacturer: Lekue

The Scoop: “This is a great item that allows you to grill in the microwave and get results like you’ve grilled in a pan,” says Kasperzak. The grill features susceptor material that transforms a microwave’s energy into heat that permeates the metal plates, which leave actual browned grill marks on both sides of the food.



Product: Olive Oil Saver | Manufacturer: Hoyt Products

The Scoop: Using the same technology as wine savers, this tool creates a vacuum in an olive oil bottle to preserve the flavor and oil of olive oil between uses. “It’s a unique system that removes the precise amount of air needed for preservation, and an indicator lets you know that it’s sealed properly,” says Kasperzak. 


Jonathan Pearson, CEO/President, Kitchen 2 Table

888.744.9931 |


Product: Flexicut | Manufacturer: GEFU

The Scoop: “GEFU has a passion for the industry and their products, and are experts at creating innovative, labor-saving kitchen tools,” says Pearson. This compact, handheld gadget has an adjustable, Japanese steel blade that can cut food into wedges or sticks with a push of the plunger. It has an insert to center narrower pieces like carrots, and a dial that chooses between cutting the veggie into four sections or eight. The Flexicut is one of several food-prep items, including a slicer and a multi-chopper, and Pearson says, “One consistency is that they are all fantastic tools to demo.”



Product: ScoopTHAT! | Manufacturer: THAT!

The Scoop: THAT! focuses on product design that combines function with an aesthetically pleasing appearance, and works with material science laboratories for cutting-edge technologies like semiconductor materials, radar absorbents, and specialized printing techniques.

ScoopTHAT! features rings on the scoop head that warm up from heat transferred from the handle, making it easy to scoop even the hardest frozen ice cream. The shape of the scoop is designed to form perfect balls of ice cream, and the design helps the ice cream easily drop off the scoop and into the waiting bowl.


 Fissler Magic Can Opener

Product: Magic Can Opener | Manufacturer: Fissler

The Scoop: “One of the most prestigious and most recognized “Made in Germany” brands, Fissler has a worldwide reputation as a manufacturer of the very finest cookware, pressure cookers, and kitchen gadgets,” says Pearson. The Magic Can Opener attaches automatically to cans and opens them without leaving sharp edges or making any contact with the food within the can. “You can open a can of pet food and then immediately open a can of vegetables, with zero threat of cross contamination,” Pearson says. The opener has an easy-grip stainless steel handle. 


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