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27 Dec

Shop the Show Influencer Q&A: Liz Marie Galvan

liz galvan

The new year is right around the corner, and AmericasMart Atlanta is ready to welcome back our popular Shop the Show program with a fresh new vision for 2020. As a preview, we’ll be checking in with each of our talented influencers, including designer Liz Marie Galvan. Liz Marie is a blogger, interior designer, published author, former military wife, and co-owner of the vintage boutique The Found Cottage. Each month, hundreds of thousands of readers find design & DIY inspiration at Liz’s blog and social media outlets, where she passionately shares her life on an 1800s Michigan farmhouse, interests, and interior design ideas. 

Liz Marie has cultivated an instinctive eye for all things stylish and domestic. Her first book, Cozy White Cottage: 100 Ways to Love the Feeling of Being Home, offers readers tips and tricks, budget-friendly hints, and project how-to’s to make every room truly feel like a home you love. Her “Shop the Show” expedition at AmericasMart will allow this home stylist to shop Market in search of the season’s hottest products — uncovering the latest trends in lifestyle and more.

We got a sneak peek from Liz Marie on her inspiration, as well as some inside info on her favorite upcoming looks for 2020 and beyond. Ready to see next season’s trend forecast with “20/20 vision”? Keep reading for more from Liz Marie!


Fun Facts:
I am obsessed with listening to true crime audiobooks & podcasts. Anytime I am styling a room, getting ready or doing anything, I’m listening to true crime.
If I wasn’t an interior designer, I would be a forensic scientist. I find all of that world so interesting and intriguing.  When I was younger, I used to restuff my Beanie Babies with pretty beads and call it Liz Marie’s Pillows. I always said I would own a store called Liz Marie’s Pillows.


Iconic Inspiration:
I would say if you took Monica Geller’s kitchen from Friends and turned it neutral, that would define my design style. 


Three Things Every Home Needs:
I think every home needs a cozy place to sit, a cozy place to sleep, and a cozy place to eat.  


3 Must-Haves for Next Season & Beyond:
Raw wood
Natural fiber


3 Go-To Colors for Next Season & Beyond: 
Creamy whites
Muted greens
Matte black


What’s New:
White appliances are the new stainless.


Upcoming Trends She’s Scouting at Market:
I’m hoping to find velvets or other new textures and a few brass pieces. I’m thinking of things that I can style on a shelf! 


See all that Liz Marie is up to at The Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market, January 14-21, by following Liz Marie Galvan on Instagram and the hashtag #ShoptheShowATL.

Plus, cozy up with spiked cider and cookies for a book signing of Cozy White cottage with Liz Marie Galvan on Wednesday, January 15 from 1 p.m.- 2 p.m.


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