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27 Aug

Retailer Inspiration: Curvy Rose

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A quaint bridal boutique in Fayetteville, GA.

Sisters and owners Kanika Riley and Chanza Richardson have a passion for empowering brides of all sizes with everything they need to feel beautiful on their wedding day. Size isn't the focus at their store Curvy Rose, personal attention in a relaxed atmosphere is. All bridal appointments are one-on-one private experiences for the bride and her guests. They really enjoy getting to know their brides.


Let's get to know Kanika and Chanza: 

Tell us about Curvy Rose 

Curvy Rose was inspired by Kanika's experience as a bride 10 years ago. After getting engaged and setting the date, she began looking for her dress. Kanika made appointments at some established Atlanta area bridal shops only to be disappointed. 

"The selection was awful," says Kanika. "In those days bridal stores didn't carry dresses in larger sizes for girls like me to try on. I had no idea that gowns were two to three sizes smaller than my dress size 12. Either the gowns were too small, out of date looking or just ugly. I was often asked to hold the dress in front of a mirror and imagine how it would look."  

Disappointed, but determined Kanika ended up working with a bridal store to create a one of a kind look for her wedding day. "I really loved my dress, but deep inside I felt robbed of a great bridal experience just because I was bigger than a size 8."  

Eight years later Curvy Rose was born. Chanza soon joined Kanika as owner when they officially opened in 2016.


What are some of the brands that you carry? 

One of the designers we carry at Curvy Rose is Morilee. Not only does it have recognition in the global marketplace as a brand that provides high quality gowns, it gives our brides a variety of styles and silhouettes that suit their needs.  

Instead of focusing on 3-4 brands that did not work for our brides, we’ve chosen to carefully focus on depth within the line and then add a few items from varying private collections to round out our selection.  


What’s hot in bridal fashion now? 

Some of the trends we have seen quite often on the bridal fashion scene are gowns that are very fitted with open lacework details. Whether it be the boho chic bride, the country girl in cowboy boots, or the fashion-forward sophisticate, open lace details seem to be the new hottest thing that brides are looking for. 


What is something all brides should have?

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to accessorize. We all know that bridal attire is a crucial component to any wedding. However, to round out any bride’s look, she needs to have accessories. Whether it be a veil, headpiece, or the all important bridal shoe, accessories can bring a bride’s overall style to the next level. 


Why do you love the bridal industry? 

Beyond the fun of shopping and buying beautiful gowns, We love that we can make a woman’s dreams come true. Whether she’s aged 22 or 62, a size 8 or 28, our brides know that we care about them and want them to walk away with an experience that makes them feel confident, respected and safe. Buying a bridal gown can be a nerve-wracking experience, and I love that we can serve women at such a pivotal moment in their lives.  


What is the best thing that you did for Curvy Rose in the last year? 

One of the things that has served us well in the last year is ramping up our social media presence. At the end of 2017, Chanza realized that social media was much more important to our success. With that focus in mind, she began to study and hone in on how she could make our social media presence more effective and engaging.

At the start of 2018, she promised to post more than once a week and soon developed skills she never knew she had. You know what they say, “practice makes perfect”. She says she is no way a social media expert and is still working to improve through multiple social media platforms, but knows we’re moving in the right direction. 


What’s next? 

Right now,  we’re going to remain focused on the depth and breadth of our current collection and hold off on any major changes just yet. We’d love to expand to new product categories like bridesmaids and mothers, but we’re also very new to the industry and don’t want to overextend ourselves.

What we can say is that we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities to bring more exposure to our brand and hope that our focus on creating meaningful relationships with our brides will create the opportunities to expand in the years to come. 


Find your passion at VOW | New World of Bridal, September 25-27, 2018. 

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Curvy Rose is located at 455 Glynn Street South, Suite 201, Fayetteville, GA 30214. It serves brides up to size 32 strictly by appointment only. For more information: / (678) 957-ROSE / INQUIRIES@CURVYROSE.COM .

All photos courtesy of LiviBlue Photography.


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