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27 Nov

Princess Bride

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Royal wedding gown watch starts now. 

When the news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement broke, our first thought, naturally, was "what will she wear?"

Atlanta Apparel fashion experts Fashion Creative Director Morgan Ramage and Fashion Manager Alejandra Trombetta have these reccomendations for the royal bride-to-be.


Calla Blanche 1-550397-edited.jpg

This dress combines both glamour and femininity with a sheer overlay and deep V detailing. The embellished waist elevates the looking making it the perfect gown for the occasion.



This dress is a spin on a classic dress with the off-the-shoulder silhouette allowing her to showcase personality while still remaining traditional and graceful.












Calla Blanche 2-666755-edited.jpg
This dress embodies a true princess with the cape detailing creating a whimsical and dramatic entrance. It also has traditional elements with the vintage lace applique on the bust and skirt.

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Gowns: Calla Blanche | Franssical | Calla Blanche


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