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8 May

Let's Spark Joy: Storage Solutions


As we’re all aware, Marie Kondo has been organizing our world one messy closet at a time. Her books and recent Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, have made her a sensation encouraging people to question if their possessions “spark joy.” The KonMari Method focuses on the categories of items rather than the location in which they are stored. Take a look at your clothing, move on to books and miscellaneous items, and end with your sentimental belongings. When an item does not “spark joy,” place it to the side to donate or discard.

Sounds easy, right?... Wrong. It’s not that simple to part with knick-knacks you’ve had for years; you don’t want to throw out that souvenir you got on that European trip ten years ago; You might get around to reading that self-improvement book collecting dust. It’s hard to let go.

Let’s fast forward to the point where we have decided what stays and what goes. How do we hold ourselves accountable to stay organized in the coming weeks, months, and years? Consumers are shopping for the perfect storage solutions and below are items that should be kept in stock to help us all achieve our organizational goals.



Let’s start with clothing and linens. Stylish baskets can instantly create an organizational system behind closed doors of a closet. Use to either separate laundry or to keep bedding sheet sets apart from one another. UMA Home Décor has woven baskets in all sizes for a seamless solution.



An easy place to start with miscellaneous items is to organize bills, mail, and other paperwork. Rifle Paper Co. always offers trendy folders and planners to keep everything in order. Shop their selection in Daniel Richards.



Once all files are created, they need to be stored properly. Wall baskets keep everything out of the way, but still within reach. A bulletin board is great for keeping important to-dos top of mind. File fixes by Rae Dunn are found in Designstyles.











A jewelry box is a simple solution for organizing sentimental belongings like vintage jewelry or a watch handed down through the family, as well as everyday accessories. Shop a variety of colors and sizes at Mele & Co.


Etu Home 11_15_186919

The kitchen is always a spot in the house that can use some extra organization. Europe2You has timeless designs, like these containers, that can keep your kitchen looking clean and concise. 

With these tools in hand, homes are sure to stay organized and spark the joy we're all searching for. Shop for these products and more at The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market, July 9-15.


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