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5 Nov

Getting Lucky with Licensing

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Tips for selling licensed product 

From furnishings to rugs to artwork and more, licensed products are popping up across the Marketplace. Designers, influencers and taste-makers are collaborating with manufacturers to create capsule collections by lending their style, expertise and names.

Retailers can make the most of these partnerships with these tips:

  1. Research the Names. Licensed products add an extra level of name recognition to merchandise. When selecting a line to carry, research the licensee. Does this person fit with your overall brand? Do your customers follow them? Do they have some connection to your area or customer base? Making sure that it’s a fit will make it easier to move the product.
  2. Tap into the Name Recognition. Include the licensed line in your promotions. Be sure to check with your rep to see if there are assets that you can use to promote the line or any restrictions on using the designer's name and likeness.  
  3. Incorporate the Line into Your Merchandising. Encourage customers to explore other products by merchandising the licensed pieces throughout your store. Make it easy for shoppers to find the items by calling them out while also showing them how they fit in with your other pieces.
  4. Use Them as a Gateway. Many people purchase designer licensed products to create the “designer” look in their home. Train your staff to suggest your design services to the customers buying these items. It may be what the need to take the step into hiring a designer.


Interested in launching your own licensed line?

Genevieve Gorder, Denise McGaha, along with Jason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke from Madcap Cottage, discuss their adventures in licensing, providing wisdom on how to recognize suitable partners, how to stay on-brand, and the pros and cons of hiring an agent vs. DIY, along with tips on best practices for win-win partnerships in a panel discussing “Licensing Demystified” sponsored by Capel, Design Legacy by Kelly O'Neal and PORT 68 on January 11 at The Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market.


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