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26 Sep

Continuing Education Units (CEU) and Programs for Designers

Earning Continuing Education Units (CEU) is a great way for designers to boost their portfolio and skill set. There are many advantages to taking part in Continuing Education programs and their benefits are endless. Here are a few common questions and answers about CEU, events, organizations and programs.

What are Continuing Education Units (CEU)?

Organized by the Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC), Continuing Educations Units (CEU) are earned by completing various educational courses, programs and seminars aimed at improving the interior design profession. These courses explore and strengthen individual attitudes, competencies, knowledge and skills in particular subject areas. Some professional organizations and legal registrations ask for a certain amount of CEU over a designated period to satisfy compliance requirements.

Who accepts CEU?

Many organizations such as ASID, IIDA, IDC, IDS and AIS accept CEU. Other legal registrations through a particular jurisdiction also require CEU.

Are there any CEU certified events during Fall Design Week or in the future?

Yes, there are more than 10 CEU certified events taking place at AmericasMart during Fall Design Week. Some events include Serwin-Williams Colormix Forecast 2018, Five Things You Need to Be Doing to Grow Your Social Media and Social Media Marketing ina Pay-To-Play World.

Please visit to find out which events are CEU certified.

How much credit is each event worth? How do I keep track of credits?

The amount of credit earned varies by event. Please visit for a list of CEU certified events and their credit value.

Upon completing a CEU certified event, participants may track courses taken and credit earned through the IDCEC website. Please visit for more information. Additionally, each organizations such as ASID, IIDA or IDC will also have information about tracking credit.

How to get credit at AmericasMart?

AmericasMart will have a desk at all CEU certified events where participants can get credit.

Whether a learner, provider or administrator, CEU courses and programs are sure to enhance your interior design network. For information about AmericasMart, CEU and IDCEC and more, please visit

Donald Richison
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