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2 Aug

ABCs of Children's

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A is for August at Atlanta Apparel 

August at Atlanta Apparel means a new season for Children's World. Be ready to ace the Market by practicing the ABCs of Children's before you arrive. 

A is for Applique. This classic technique uses pieces of fabric to form pictures or patterns.

B is for Bows. Don't forget the hair accessories! 

C is for Celebration Outfits. Holidays, weddings, birthdays and game days, there is always a reason for kids to wear something special. 

D is for Dresses. Whether smocked and traditional, or fashion-forward and modern, dresses are still a style go-to. 

E is for European Sizes. Like adult sizing, juvenile sizing can vary by region. Check with your reps to see how their lines size up. 

F is for Footies. Go-to garments for infants and jammies for older kids are more fun with feet. 

G is for Grandma. There is no question that grandparents love to shop for their grandbabies. Keep this group in mind while you're buying. 

H is for Holidays. Think beyond Christmas and Easter for possible buying opportunities. Valentine's Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving and even made-up holidays can make for a reason to shop. 

I is for Inclement Weather. Babies and kids need a lot of gear when the weather is not so nice. In addition to jackets think about umbrellas, boots, hats and more. 

J is for Jumpsuit. One-piece outfits are a go-to for many parents. No matter the season, there is always a need for a jumpsuit, 

K is for Kimono Tops. These side-snap tees are a lifesaver for parents in a newborn’s first two weeks.

L is for Layette. This is the term for a newborn’s first collection of clothing. Help your new moms and dads by having a go-to list for everything they need. 

M is for Mittens. Little kids need them to prevent face scratches. Big kids need them to keep hands toasty warm. 

N is for Neats.  A classic sock style with evenly-spaced designs.

O is for Onesie. Babies need a lot of this ubiquitous garment. Funny saying, new styles and personalization keep things fresh. 

P is for Pool Time. Kids and babies swimwear and accessories are a fun add-in to your merchandise mix in warmer months. 

Q is for Quiet Time. Babies, kids and their parents need a break sometimes. Look for items to facilitate some peace and quiet like soft blankets, cuddly lovies and comfortable clothes for relaxing. 

R is for Receiving Blankets. Like the onesie, parents can't get enough receiving blankets. The ability to personalize makes this a great gifting opportunity. 

S is for Shoes. Booties, moccasins, Mary Janes and sandals are all adorable in little sizes, but have different effects on baby's feet. Work with your rep to ensure that you are properly fitting those little tootsies. 

T is for Trunk Show. Market is a great time to meet new designers. If you find someone you love, but don't have room to carry their whole line, consider hosting a trunk show. Your regular customers will love to see more items and their regular customers will seek out your store. 

U is for Unisex. Some parents are moving away from gendered kids items. Look a picking up a few lines that will work for both boys and girls. 

V is for Velcro. From shoes to fasteners, Velcro is a go-to connector for baby and kids items. 

W is for Wash Care. Babies and kids need to have their clothes washed a lot. Take some time to learn how to care for your merchandise so you can educate your customers. 

X is for Extras. Toys, bottles, backpacks, room decor all of these things and more can be found in Children's World. Look at them as add-ons to your customers's clothing purchases. 

Y is for Yoke. Pay attention to the style of this top part of the garment. Round and curved yokesare usually used on girls' clothing while straight yokes are used for boys.

Z is for Zero - To... What is your age bracket? Have you considered expanding it? Narrowing it? Use the Market as an opportunity to see what other opportunities you can explore.  


See trending kids looks for Spring/Summer 2019 at the Children's World Fashion Show, Wednesday, August 8. 

Children's World is presented by Atlanta Apparel August 7-11, 2018 (temporaries August 7-10).


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