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Frequently Asked Questions

Buyer FAQs
  • How can I contact AmericasMart Atlanta?

    Please call 800-ATL-MART or 404.220.3000

  • What is the Address for AmericasMart Atlanta?

    Building 1: 240 Peachtree Street N.W. Suite 2200, Atlanta, GA 30303

    Building 2: 40 John Portman Blvd, NW, Atlanta, GA 30303

    Building 2: 235 Williams Street N.W., Atlanta, GA 30300

    Building 3: 75 John Portman Blvd, NW, Atlanta, GA 30303

    Logistics Warehouse: 4361 International Parkway, Hapeville, GA 30354

  • Is AmericasMart Open Daily?

    Yes, AmericasMart is open daily year-around. Our current hours are Monday-Friday from 10am – 4pm. Hours are extended during market hours. Please check

  • What is an Open Daily Special Event?

    Buyers can shop select showrooms in Building 1&2, to take advantage of special discounts exclusive to an Open Daily Special Event! This unique program is held on the 1st Wednesday of every non-gift Market month.

  • Which Showrooms are open during non-market times?

    The indicates showrooms that are open between markets. Also, you can browse Open Daily showrooms in our App. Please visit our year round page to view updated listings.

  • How can I find the phone number for a showroom?

    Phone Numbers are listed in the Atlanta Buyer’s Guide or Atlanta Apparel Guide, for each show. You can access the AmericasMart Exhibitor Directory online or on the App.

  • What if I am a new Buyer?

    Read and Review our New Buyer Admission Policies.

    Fill out and submit the online pre-qualification form.

    Submit your Business credentials via fax to 678.686.5302 or mail.

    Receive an email confirmation of approval or credentials.

    The first time you visit AmericasMart, your valid ID and business card is required.

  • How do I receive my badge?

    Badges are not mailed out prior to a market. Instead, you need to present your valid ID at the registration desk. For expedited entry, AmericasMart Fast badge offers quick registration for buyers and guests.

  • Does a buyer need to re-register prior to each market?

    No, if you have attended a market in the past year, your account information is current. Buyers just need to present valid ID and business card.

  • Are buyers allowed to bring guests to market?

    A maximum of two (2) guests are allowed per company during all markets. Please note badges will be given only to essential business personnel, at AmericasMart’s discretion. Guest badges are $40 during Gift/Home and IDS markets, and are non-refundable . Valid photo ID required. Please view our AmericasMart Admission Policies for more information.

  • Where do I park?

    Click here for parking information. Parking information may also be found under the Travel section.

  • Where is the first aid office?

    First-Aid services are offered only during markets. The first-aid office is located on Floor 2 of Building 2. In case of an emergency contact AmericasMart Security at 404.220.2553

    You can visit the nearest CVS Pharmacy for any non-threatening personal or medical needs:

    • CVS PHARMACY, Store #10043
    • 235 Peachtree Street N.E. Atlanta, GA 30303
    • 404.577.4054
    • Services: Photo, Pharmacy, Immunizations
    • Store: Open 24-hours
    • Pharmacy Open: M-F 8am-7pm, Sat-Sun closed
  • Are wheelchairs available for Buyers that need assistance?

    Wheelchairs are available only during Markets. Please contact Scoot Around at 888.441.7575 in advance.

  • Is childcare available during Market?

    Childcare is not offered at AmericasMart Atlanta. There are a number of local companies that provide childcare services:

    • TLC Sitters of Atlanta, Inc.
    • M-F: 9am-5pm
    • 770.410.4774
    • *TLC Sitters of Atlanta, Inc. is an independent provider and is not affiliated with AmericasMart Atlanta.
  • How can buyers make travel reservations using AmericasMart’s discounted rates?

    Exclusive discounted hotel and airfare rates are available to AmericasMart customers during market. To make your arrangements, visit AmericasMart Travel. You may also call our in-house travel service, onPeak, at 800.241.6405.

  • Is shuttle service provided to/from hotels?

    Hotel shuttle service is available for January and July Gift shows only. The schedule is published within the on-site Buyer’s Guide and here closer to market dates.

  • Is photography allowed on the AmericasMart campus?

    No, all interior photography is strictly prohibited. To request AmericasMart Images & Logos, please contact AmericasMart Strategic Relations and Media Relations Manager, Chelsea Peabody. For information on how to obtain permission for press photography at AmericasMart tradeshows and markets, see our Press Registration page

  • Are there food service options at AmericasMart?

    Yes, there are numerous options available on-site during every market, check your current Buyer’s Guide or Apparel Guide for locations.

  • Where can I eat after market hours?

    Buyers can visit our City Guide for things to see and visit in Atlanta or directly access our AmericasMart Dining Guide for a list of more than 40 restaurants within walking-distance of our campus.

  • Are there shipping services available nearby?

    Yes, AmericasMart has on-site shipping service available from USPS in AmericasMart Building 1. Other shipping providers are located in Building 3, 8th floor.

  • How can buyers take care of personal business matters, like checking email, sending faxes, etc.?

    AmericasMart conveniently has Buyer Lounges set-up in various locations during market. Check the current Buyer’s Guide or Apparel Guide for locations.

    Also, you can quickly join AmericasMart FREE Wi-Fi campus wide, through your device’s network options.

    Charging stations are provided to quickly recharge any device.

  • What is the AmericasMart App?

    A FREE Buyer tool that brings exclusive search functionality of exhibitors, lines & categories and more, easy campus navigation by buildings and floors and easy access to your customizable market plan.

  • How do I create a Market Plan before attending Market?

    Use your buyer registration Login information and sign-in. Once signed in, the App will remember all of your searches you perform. You can add exhibitors to your Market Plan, take notes, or schedule a time to visit them.

  • How can I download the AmericasMart App?

    Visit the Apple iTunes or Android Google Play store and search “AmericasMart” and download for free.

  • Is smoking allowed inside AmericasMart?

    Smoking is strictly prohibited in the parking garage, stairwells and all public buildings. Please limit yourself to designated locations outdoors.

  • What is the policy on cart/baggage?

    Your comfort, safety and mobility at Market are important. To help provide a safe and accessible environment for you and all who do business here, we have implemented the following policy:

    • Buyers are allowed to bring rolling briefcases and rolling laptop cases smaller than 12” (H) x 16” (W) x 5” (D). Please note these size restrictions do not apply to exhibitors.
    • To help keep everyone moving, please pick up your rolling briefcases on escalators. Rolling carts and rolling luggage larger than the cases described above will need to be left at Luggage Check stations conveniently located throughout our campus.
    • This policy will be in effect during January, March, July and Fall Gift and Home Furnishings Markets and during all Apparel Markets, but does not apply during our Spring and Fall Immediate Delivery Shows.
  • Can buyers bring children to market?*

    Other than infants, children under 12 years of age are not admitted in showrooms or on exhibit hall floors. No exceptions can be made.

    Infants, under the age of 1, may enter with an adult. However, no strollers will be allowed. Infants must be carried in a baby carrier or sling, while on campus. The Parent/Guardian must sign a release waiving any liability on the part of AmericasMart, in case of injury. The release must be shown, every time she or she returns with infant.

    Children between the ages of 12-18 years are considered “guests” and will not be issued a buyer’s badge. Proof of age is required for admission. *this policy applies to Buyers, their guests, Exhibitors and their guests, and of AmericasMart personnel. Exhibitors are also encouraged to review rules and regulations for policies addressing the admission of their own children.

  • Is there a fee/charge to attend market?

    There is no charge associated with attended market for registered retailers.

  • How does my company become part of the Market Club?

      A company must attend five Markets over a five-year period. Eligible companies will be enrolled automatically.

      Membership applies to a company/store, not to individual buyers.

      Membership is for qualified buyers only; exhibitors aren’t eligible.

      Members have access to a hospitality lounge, Internet services, complimentary refreshments, a phone and message center, and a copier/fax. Lounges are open during January & July Gift & Home Furnishings Market business hours.

      A Member company/store may bring two guests into the lounge. The Member must sign in and accompany the guests while in the lounge.

      For information contact Tara Yorke at or 404-220-2454.

Market FAQs
  • How are Market dates determined?

    Many, many factors affect Market dates including manufacturing schedules, retail seasons and holidays. For more than 25 years, AmericasMart has maintained a consistent date pattern for January and July Markets based on input from our customers. We are the first major Market each year, ensuring buyers and exhibitors can begin the year with the most opportunity for success.

  • Why is parking expensive during Markets?

    AmericasMart is part of a thriving downtown business area, however we don't own or control all the parking lots around our campus. We provide options for free and discounted parking but the other lots are independent businesses and control their rates.

  • What's the difference between direct manufacturers (company sales reps) and manufacturer representatives (multi-company sales reps)?

    Company sales reps work only for their company, selling only their products while multi-line reps represent multiple manufacturers, often within the same industry. However, while some showrooms carry a variety of manufacturers under one Home or Gift umbrella, the product lines can cross a broad spectrum. As example, a Tabletop sales representative would only sell products from one company, but that could be many different lines. A multi-line rep would sell Tabletop lines from a variety of manufacturers.

  • Why do I have to book hotel rooms so far in advance to stay downtown?

    More than 13 million people visit Atlanta for business each year along with more 32 million who visit for fun. Bottom line is there are a lot of people who want to stay downtown so it's basic supply and demand. There are more than 10,000 rooms within walking distance but it makes sense to book early through AmericasMart to get the best rates on the most desirable hotels.

  • Why do I have to register every time I come to Market?

    To continue to maintain the integrity of a trade-only market center, we must verify buyer credentials for each visit. FastBadge provides a quick alternative for returning buyers for major Markets and is simple to access online.

  • Why aren't all the showrooms open all the time?

    While many of our permanent showrooms are open between Markets, some opt to only open for Markets and special events. Each showroom is independent and can make the choice of when they do business. We always suggest buyers call ahead of time to ensure the showrooms they want to visit will be open between Markets.

  • What exactly is Market Club?

    Market Club is a perk for our most loyal buyers. Membership is automatic, but a company must attend five Markets over five years. Members have access to a hospitality lounge, business services and refreshments during Markets.

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AmericasMart Registration is open between shows Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Complete Show Dates | Location & Showroom Hours

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