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Admission Policy

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AmericasMart® Atlanta is a wholesale facility open to the trade only. To enter, you must be affiliated with a business that resells product represented at AmericasMart. Your online registration application will be reviewed by our registration team. If you do not receive confirmation of your online registration approval before you come to market, please bring your credentials to market to complete your registration onsite. Valid, government-issued photo identification is required for admittance. If you choose to register on site, the following credentials are required for admittance:

Wholesale and Retail Businesses

Please provide ALL of the following for the business:

  • Current retail business license or resale tax certificate or business registration or VAT certificate
  • Imprinted business check, corporate credit card, or business debit card
  • Personalized business card or paystub for each buyer
  • Valid government issued photo ID (ie. driver's license or passport) for each buyer

Plus one of the following:

  • Current invoices totaling $1,000 or more for the bulk wholesale purchase of merchandise related to products represented at AmericasMart.
  • Proof of operational e-commerce site with sales of products represented at AmericasMart.

Interior Designers, Architects, and Landscape Architects

Please provide both of the following for the business

  • Personalized business card or paystub for each designer
  • Valid government issued photo ID (ie. driver's license or passport) for each designer

Plus one of the following:

  • Professional membership card with recognized design/professional affiliation
  • Proof of operational business website

Guest Policy

  • Each business is limited to two guests and each guest must present valid, government-issued photo identification.
  • A guest fee of $40 per guest will be charged for all Gift & Home Furnishings, Rug, and Immediate Delivery shows. (Cash, Visa or MasterCard)
  • The spouse of a registered buyer in attendance will not be subject to a guest fee.

Children Policy

  • Other than infants (as provided below) or child models credentialed by the Fashion Office and accompanied by an adult, children under 12 years of age are not admitted on showroom or exhibit hall floors for any reason. No exceptions can be made.
  • Infants under the age of one year will be permitted admission as a guest if all of the below requirements are met:
    • The infant is accompanied by an adult at all times.
    • The infant is carried in a baby carrier or sling; no strollers permitted
    • The parent or adult guardian signs a waiver and liability release, which must be presented each time the adult returns with the infant.
  • Children ages 12 to 17 will be permitted admission and are not subject to a guest fee with valid identification showing proof of age (e.g. birth certificate, school identification, passport or other identification showing date of birth).
  • This policy applies to Buyers, Buyer Guests, Exhibitor Guests and Guests of AmericasMart personnel. Exhibitors are encouraged to consult building rules and regulations for policies addressing admission of their own children.


  • Buyers are allowed to bring into AmericasMart rolling briefcases and rolling laptop cases smaller than 12" (H) x 16" (W) x 5" (D). Rolling carts and luggage larger than the cases described above will need to be left at Luggage Check stations conveniently located throughout our campus. Please note these restrictions do not apply to exhibitors.
  • To help keep everyone moving, please pick up your rolling briefcases on escalators.
  • These policies will be in effect at all times with the exception of Immediate Delivery Markets and Market Wednesdays.


  • All photography in or of showrooms and on all exhibit hall floors is strictly prohibited without the express permission of each affected exhibitor.
  • Attendance at any AmericasMart function constitutes an agreement by the attendee to AmericasMart's use and distribution of the attendee's photographic or video image.
  • To request AmericasMart images and logos, please contact AmericasMart Strategic Relations and Media Relations Manager.


Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is strictly prohibited in AmericasMart buildings including, without limitation, the parking garages and stairwells. Designated smoking areas can be found outside each building.


Firearms, bladed weapons, explosives, batons, and other personal weapons are not permitted on the AmericasMart campus.


Except for Service Animals (as that term is used in the Americans with Disabilities Act), buyers are not permitted to bring animals of any kind onto the AmericasMart campus.

Disruptive Behavior

Conduct that interferes with the operations or management of Market or which endangers the health, safety or well-being of others is expressly prohibited.


By registering, you agree to receive a confirmation and communication from AmericasMart and affiliated partners by direct mail, fax, email, or phone. For more information, please view our Privacy Policy.

Management reserves the right to permanently expel anyone disregarding the above policies.
Online Registration: Updated 4-8-15

Permanent Exhibitors

Upon execution of your lease, you may obtain a permanent AmericasMart badge through the Operations office. A valid photo ID is required. Exhibitor Photo ID badges are issued by AmericasMart only to employees of leaseholders, and only upon the specific request of an authorized officer of the leaseholder. Requests for Photo ID badges must be in writing, either on an AmericasMart Badge Request form or on the leaseholder's company letterhead.

The Photo ID Office is located in the AmericasMart Operations Center, 220 Ted Turner Drive (formerly Spring Street), next to Building 2 (the Gift Building). Hours are extended during Markets. Please contact the administrator at 404-220-3076 for further details.

Temporary Exhibitor Badges

Authorized part-time or temporary showroom employees will be issued temporary exhibitor passes by Buyer Registration only upon request of the showroom owner. Temporary exhibitor passes are issued only for a particular market/show or other special need. Please help us control access by retrieving these badges from your personnel when access is no longer required.

Guest/Courtesy Badges

Permanent Showroom owners and employees may request guest/courtesy badges from registration for access exclusive to the building where their showroom is located. These badges are only valid for the day requested, and if possible, we would prefer 24 hours notice for requests. These passes must be entered in the exhibitor portal. Please contact Customer Relations at 404-220-2446 for assistance with your log-in information.

Please note that there are no guests allowed during Gift/Home Markets and IDS Markets.

Children under 12 are not allowed unless they are children of the showroom owner or an employee of the showroom. Children of showroom owners or employees are required to wear their courtesy badges while in the buildings.

You can only request a courtesy pass for the building where your showroom is located.

Manufacturers Reps, Line Reps, Sales Reps:

An individual who represents one or more product lines in one or more showrooms. This category is for independent sales/line/manufacturers reps only. Employees of an exhibitor should not register in this category. Each representative must provide a personalized business card and photo ID. Representatives must contact at least one of their exhibitors (in advance, before each market) to request that the exhibitor enter the badge request through the exhibitor portal. No representative badges will be printed without prior authorization from an exhibitor. Representatives are not permitted to bring guests or children.

Non-Exhibiting Manufacturers

Manufacturers reps who are new to Market and represent a product not currently shown at AmericasMart must present a photo ID, along with photos of their product or a catalog, plus a business card. In January and July, there is a designated registration desk on Floor 1 of Building 1.

Non-Exhibiting Manufacturers are not permitted entrance to area rug shows without permission of leasing. Solicitation of product and product samples and taking photographs are not permitted.


An individual who provides professional services. This includes equipment/computer/technology services and financial services. Each supplier must provide 1. A personalized business card and 2. Photo ID. Requests must be made (each market) in advance by the exhibitor with whom the supplier is doing business. Suppliers are not permitted to bring guests or children.

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AmericasMart Registration is open between shows Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Complete Show Dates | Location & Showroom Hours

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