Directions in Design 2020

Drawing inspiration and products from showrooms across ADAC and AmericasMart, Atlanta designers Tish Mills Kirk of Tish Mills Interiors, Katelyn Rountree of Terracotta Design Build, Chris Socci of C. Socci Inc., and Justin Q. Williams of TradeMark Design Co. have each crafted a virtual room that reflects their ideas about current directions in design. With health and wellness as an overarching theme, the designers are providing valuable insights into how we can all live better through a more thoughtful use of space, a focus on simple comforts, and by incorporating healthy products that enhance overall wellness. Follow their directions in design to transform your own space into an oasis and a personal sanctuary.
Katelyn Rountree - Kitchen

Is there a story behind the room?

I believe that wellness looks different for everyone. One person’s idea of restorative qualities can vary vastly from another person’s; therefore, I chose to ask myself “what does wellness look like for me?"
The room is feminine. Quaint but powerful. Plenty of storage to instantly declutter the visual field. Natural materials with visual contrast. This is what wellness is for me.  



Chris Socci - Dining Room

Where did you draw your inspiration from?

In this particular room, I was inspired by the wallpaper by Clarence House.  The metallic watery background of this paper is bold but comforting.



Justin Williams - Master Suite

Is there a story behind the room?

I wanted to create a space that I'd actually love to have myself. Minimal yet comfortable clean and chic.



Tish Mills - Living Room

What’s the inspiration behind the room?

Since this project didn’t have an assigned client, my jumping off point was taking four recent projects and laying out images of their living room spaces to see what I connected to during the unprecedented times right now. I’m connected to so much of the inside and outside and wanted to bring those natural elements inside with the steel windows, the beam work, the natural stone above the fireplace.  My goal was to have this living room continue to be an extension of an outdoor space. Thinking about how much time we’re spending at home and how important these spaces are, we need them to function multiple ways, but to also be incredibly comfortable. With a lot going on in the world, I want whoever is in this house to shut the door and it become a barrier of zen where you can cocoon into your space and create solitude.





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