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July Tuesday 11 - Tuesday 18, 2017

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For more than 50 years, AmericasMart Atlanta has been a global leader in retail. From classic to contemporary, come explore more than 1,400 unique showrooms, 4,000 temporaries and nearly 100 new and expanding showrooms. No other Market connects you to a more comprehensive collection of new products, introductions, trends, and brands across all categories. It's all here for you at AmericasMart.

Market Dates

The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market®

July 11 - 18, 2017


Tuesday, July 11 - Tuesday, July 18, 2017



Thursday, July 13 - Monday, July 17, 2017

EntertainINg & OUT-Tips on Blending the Indoor & Outdoor Lifestyle for Your Next Fete 

Learn the secrets to mastering the desirable indoor-outdoor lifestyle and stylish entertaining, courtesy of one of the industry's best: event and wedding planner Tara Guérard. Known for her exquisite events and ability to turn a client's dream into a reality, the Charleston-based Guérard has garnered national acclaim, landing on Vogue magazine's list of "5 Star Wedding Planners." Tara will share tips and tricks she's learned over her 20 years of designing large-scale events and how to bring those thoughtful details into more intimate social environments and outdoor spaces.

Aged to Perfection: Why Antiques are Essential to Design Today, and How the Industry is Meeting Digital-age Demand

Think antiques are intimidating? Think again. Access to antiques-and trusted dealers around the world-has never been easier, thanks to a world where connections are made instantly through social media, a testament to the power of visual marketing. In truth, there's never been a better time to be in (or shop) the antiques industry , with quality items and indispensable knowledge available at the swipe of a smart phone. Antiques (and authenticity) are more desirable than ever. Leading experts including The Antiques Diva®, Toma Clark Haines and interior designers Beth Webb and Ben Cochrane of Caroline Faison Antiques will join a discussion on antiques led by Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles editor-in-chief Elizabeth Ralls. Panelists will discuss how the antique market has changed, why antiques are essential to design projects across a wide range of ages and aesthetics, and how to thoughtfully integrate the quality and history of such time-honed treasures into well-edited, elegant, yet unpretentious interiors.

Essentials for Success Mini Workshops

11 am
5 Retailing Trends You Will Want To Watch

Presented by Lyn Chin, Global Purchasing Group
The scope of the retail industry is quickly evolving as factors such as mobile technology, retailer expansion into global markets, and supply chain sophistication affect how business is being done. Learn how many important retailers are changing the game by taking risks with new strategies and finding great success.

1 pm
Promotions For Profit

Presented by Lyn Chin, Global Purchasing Group
It's the new retail age! Understand the how-to in retail promotions that will keep your store fresh and build on the customer experience.

2 pm
The Magic of Merchandising

Presented by Lyn Chin, Global Purchasing Group
It isn't just about decorating or making your store look pretty. Learn how vital merchandising is when it comes to attracting customers, making sales and building a brand. Also, get tips from those who are doing it right.

3 pm
Creating the Ultimate Sales Team

Presented by Lyn Chin, Global Purchasing Group
First-hand information on finding, interviewing and training an expert staff, including the 5 key training points every successful retailer needs to know in order to increase sales.

4 pm
New Math for Retailers

Presented by Lyn Chin, Global Purchasing Group
Get to know why traditional keystoning won't make you a profitable business and other numbers that are critical to know.

5 pm
Using Online Retailing to Your Advantage

Presented by Lyn Chin, Global Purchasing Group
We hear about new and popular online retailers every day.  What we don't hear is the reality of what it takes to run an e-tail only business that makes money.  Learn how to engage in the digital world that will be profitable for you.  

Brand Extension: The Inside Track on Licensing and Building an Authentic Brand

The idea of licensing your brand and creating an eponymous collection is a dream for many designers, but it's not for the faint of heart. There are many different paths to get there. While it has the potential to expand your world of opportunities, it can be an overwhelming process requiring massive amounts of collaboration, patience and marketing prowess. Join top designers who have successfully launched collections and lifestyle brands Julia Buckingham, Bobby Berk, and Michel Boyd along with the advice of luxury industry licensing authority Kate Verner to discuss the ins and outs of aligning with the right partners, how to develop a collection, taking it to market, and building a long-term brand that stays true to your vision.

Create, Manage, Thrive: Apps That Help You Crush It In Your Creative Business

Your techy friend, the latest web article, and that guy you sat next to on the plane: These days there's someone around every corner telling you, "you MUST use this app" for your business. Out of context these recommendations can feel overwhelming and intimidating-which apps do you really need, and which ones are right for your unique workflow? Tech expert and HGTV host Carley Knobloch is here to answer your burning questions and offer a crash course on the latest and greatest apps for interior designers and independent retailers. She will run through her recommendations for organizing, managing and promoting your creative business in a fun and accessible way (read: no techie jargon).

Put Your Wanderlust To Work: Capturing Cultural Inspiration in Your Interiors 

Join a lively discussion on design, led by style arbiter Marisa Marcantonio of Stylebeat Blog featuring LA-based designers Ron Woodson & Jaime Rummerfield of Woodson & Rummerfield's House of Design and New York designer Caleb Anderson of Drake + Anderson, as they share their appreciation for travel, history and culture-and the influence it has in their interiors.  Where we travel can have a great influence on our approach to design. The panel will share how to capture this inspiration, marry it with the treasures collected by clients, and put it all to work in well-edited interiors. Attendees will be armed with loads of inspiration that'll fuel new design risks that pay off.

Essentials for Success Mini Workshops

11 am
Takin' Care of Business

Presented By Linley + Lauren, LP2 Boutique Agency
Retailers have so many responsibilities that it's easy to work IN your store without ever working ON your store, but when you take care of your business, your business takes care of you. It's time to go with the WORK//FLOW... the can't-miss WORK//FLOW™ goal setting process from goal-getters Linley+Lauren, that is. Using their WORK//SHEETS™, you'll uncover your top goals - for yourself and your store - then design quarterly, monthly and daily TAKE//CARE™ lists to burst through them.

1 pm
Social Stylin' and Profilin'

Presented By Linley + Lauren, LP2 Boutique Agency
Forget first impressions... Shoppers have to be exposed to your brand at least seven times before they're ready to buy. Brand builders Linley+Lauren will walk you through a branding bootcamp to develop your brand statement, mood boards and style guide, so you can get your customers to stop scrolling and start shopping.

2 pm

Presented By Linley + Lauren, LP2 Boutique Agency
A picture's worth a thousand bucks, or it can be when done right. Don't "shutter" at your photos anymore. B.Y.O.P. (that's Bring Your Own Phone) to this hands-on "faux-to" shoot with sharpshooters Linley+Lauren. Take away 10 tips guaranteed to help you style, shoot and share pics of your showroom picks like a pro.

3 pm

Presented By Linley + Lauren, LP2 Boutique Agency
Sure, it's the fastest growing social media site, but are your store's sales growing with it? From your profile to your pictures, Insta experts Linley+Lauren will share their secret formula to dressing your Instagram for success. And by success, they mean sales.

4 pm
WTF (Why The Facebook?!?)

Presented By Linley + Lauren, LP2 Boutique Agency
Let's face it... it's hard for retailers to get face time with shoppers on Facebook these days. The average post reaches just 2% of your followers. Social media mavens Linley+Lauren will show you how to make your posts and ads count - as in, counting all the money you'll make. Lose the stress and see success with their Facebook-made-simple system for retailers.

5 pm
Social Selling

Presented By Linley + Lauren, LP2 Boutique Agency
No website? No worries! Turn social followers into shoppers by selling directly on social media. Social smarties Linley+Lauren will share how you can feed your bank accounts through your social media feeds with their ecommerce-made-easy plan for retailers.

Cooking Demonstration Series: Real Food, Made Simply, at Home

Fabio Viviani may have been born and raised in Florence, Italy, where he perfected the classic Italian cooking that has made him famous, but he has embraced the food of his new home with a passion. Fabio understands that families are busy. And as a new father himself he believes cooking at home made with fresh ingredients are among the most important things you can do. Fabio will share his favorite "go-to" Italian-inflected recipes that most home cooks would never attempt, and demonstrate how quick and simple they are to prepare --- almost in the same time as you can order take-out. Fabio's unique energy and entertaining personality will make this an event to not miss!

Top Gift and Home Trends 2016: The New Rules of Engagement

Ever-changing influences, technologies and expectations make success challenging in the extremely competitive home, gift and accessories market.  This presentation explores the essential elements of success in this environment, giving new insights into today's multi-faceted, multi-generational "home" consumer.  Tom Mirabile, Senior Vice President of Global Trend and Design for Lifetime Brands, Inc. and Contributing Editor for Pantone, will reveal the most important consumer and lifestyle trends and what they mean for both retailers and manufacturers.  You'll leave with a deeper understanding of what your customers want-and how you can provide it.  Tom Mirabile provides creative direction and for some of the most well respected retailers and brands in the home, housewares and tabletop industries. He's held senior merchant and product development positions with Neiman Marcus Group, Macy's, and Bloomingdale's, and has co-designed home collections for such icons as Vera Wang, Calvin Klein and Kenneth Cole.

The Truth about Showhouses: Straight Talk about the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Being Showcased

Show houses are known to be some of the best displays of unbridled creativity and career highs-often boosting designers into the press spotlight and next orbit. But behind the scenes of these incredible showcases are massive complexities with a variety of opportunity costs to consider. Step inside some of the most celebrated show houses of the past year and hear directly from top designers who will share inspiration, as well as their take on the prestige (and a few pitfalls) that come with the territory. Moderator Robert Leleux will talk candidly with leading designers Antonino Buzzetta, Barbara Westbrook, Zak Profera and Denise McGaha on criteria that designers should consider, tips on recruiting vendors, and the long-term value of participating in show houses.

Fall Design Week

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