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Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to help you have the best experience while exhibiting at AmericasMart. This list of frequently asked questions should get you started, but if you have any additional questions, please contact us here.

Exhibitor FAQs

Permanent Exhibitor FAQs



  • Who do I call for an appointment at the loading dock?

    Contact the shipping supervisor for your building:

    AmericasMart Building 1:
    Eric Nealy - 404.220.2355

    AmericasMart Building 2:
    Dwayne Batson - 404.220.2595

    AmericasMart Building 3:
    Matt Walker - 4040.220.2884

  • What are the locations and/or phone numbers for on-site shipping providers AmericasMart Logistics, DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS?

    AmericasMart® Logistics

    Address: 4361 International Parkway, Hapeville, GA 30354

    Schedule pick-up, check on delivery or for package tracking: 877.588.8930

    After hours pickup & delivery: No

    Hours of operation: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

    Location: On-Site

    Method of payment: Credit Card



    Address: 240 Peachtree Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30303

    Enter using escalator on Peachtree St., attached to AmericasMart 1 and across from Hotel Indigo.

    Schedule pick-up, check on delivery or for package tracking: 800.ASK.USPS

    After hours pickup & delivery: No

    Hours of operation: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Closed Sat-Sun

    Location: Bottom level of AmericasMart

    Method of payment: Credit Card



    Not on Site - Call to Schedule Pick-up

    Schedule pick-up, check on delivery or for package tracking: 800.225.5345

    After hours pickup & delivery: No

    Hours of operation: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    Location: Not On-Site

    Method of payment: Credit Card



    AmericasMart 3, Floor 8, showroom number 8-W354

    Schedule pick-up, check on delivery or for package tracking: 800.463.3339

    After hours pickup & delivery: No

    Hours of operation: 1 a.m. - 7 p.m., Closed Sat-Sun

    Location: On-Site

    Method of payment: Credit Card



    Not on Site - Call to Schedule Pick-up

    Schedule pick-up, check on delivery or for package tracking: 800.833.9943

    After hours pickup & delivery: Yes!

    Hours of operation: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    Location: Not On-Site

    Method of payment: Credit Card

  • What are the business hours that I can access my showroom?

    If you have a permanent I.D. badge, you may enter your showroom at your convenience. However, from 7:00 p.m. — 7:00 a.m. you must enter through security, located on the loading dock of each building. Showroom personnel that enter after-hours are required to sign-in and out with security. If you need an escort to your car, please let security know when you sign-out for the night.

    NOTE: Showrooms left unattended should be locked. In case of a break-in, theft or emergency, call security at 404.220.2553. Showroom security evaluations are available by contacting security.

  • What are the deadlines for shipping before/during a show?

    Please refer to the Markets Dates page and contact the AmeicasMart Logistics Office at or at 877.588.8930 for shipping deadlines.

  • Where do I find current market dates and hours?

    Visit our Market Dates page for upcoming shows. Hours will be posted next to the show dates as soon as they are available.

  • Can I sell samples during a show?

    AmericasMart is an order-writing facility and strongly discourages the sale of samples during shows, excluding the Spring and Fall Immediate Delivery shows.


  • Where/how do I get AmericasMart permanent I.D. badges?

    I.D. badges may be obtained from the Operations department, located on Ted Turner Drive (formerly Spring Street) next to the AmericasMart 2 parking garage. To make an appointment or for help, please contact 404.220.3076. Operations is open weekdays from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. You must have required paperwork in-hand or fax it to 404.220.2597 before 4 p.m. one day prior to your scheduled appointment.

    Photo I.D. Requirements

    Temporary employees such as designers, manufacturer's representatives, market employees with a temporary market badge and family members DO NOT qualify for a photo I.D. and must obtain a badge through registration to gain entry. Note: Business cards are not considered authorization from a showroom owner/manager.

    Showroom personnel may receive photo I.D.s if ONE or more of the following is met:

    1. Maintain key authorization with property management. A copy of your showroom's key authorization list with your name on it is required. Contact the property management office for your building (located in the loading dock) or call: AmericasMart 1 (404.220.2340), AmericasMart 2 (404.220.2590), or AmericasMart 3 (404.220.2880).

    2. Work in the showroom every day on a permanent, daily basis. Those who do not have key authorization but work in a showroom daily will need a signed and dated letter on company letterhead.

    3. Showroom owners, presidents or managers may present either key authorization or the first and signature page of their current lease.

    4. If you are an owner or president and do not live in Atlanta, but would like to obtain a photo I.D., send the company's key authorization list with your name on it to the address below. Showroom managers may send a key authorization or a letter on company letterhead signed by the owner or president. Mail to: AMC, INC.

    Attn: Photo ID Administrator

    240 Peachtree Street, NW, Suite 2200

    Atlanta, GA 30303

    Operations must receive all appropriate paperwork before a photo I.D. will be issued. For assistance or more information, please call 404.220.3076 or 404.220.2570.

  • Who do I contact for questions about my leasing bill?

    For all questions concerning your bill, please contact our hotline at: 404.220.3090.

  • Can you recommend a caterer?

    Classic Fare Catering is AmericasMart's in-house caterer. Located on site and delivering fresh and delicious food, Classic Fare has a large menu selection that's perfect for all your events. Special market rates too! Call 404.220.2258 or email for more information.

  • Who do I call for heating and air conditioning issues?

    Heating and air conditioning are provided weekdays from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. and as needed during markets and other events. Prior to markets, A/C hours will be expanded to accommodate set-up activity. There is a charge for heating and A/C requests beyond the normal operating periods. For more information, contact property management in your building.

    Building 1: 404.220.2340

    Building 2: 404.220.2590

    Building 3: 404.220.2880

  • What address do I use to ship product to my showroom?

    AmericasMart 1

    Your Company Name

    Showroom # and Fl. #

    240 Peachtree ST NW

    Atlanta, GA 30303-1327


    AmericasMart 2

    Your Company Name

    Showroom # and Fl. #

    230 Ted Turner Drive (formerly Spring Street)

    Atlanta, GA 30303-1327


    AmericasMart 2 West

    Your Company Name

    Showroom # and Fl. #

    235 Williams Street, N.W.

    Atlanta, GA 30303-1327


    AmericasMart 3

    Your Company Name

    Your Booth Number (Floor# - Booth#)(i.e. 3-900)

    For: Atlanta Apparel Market

    AmericasMart/Building 3

    75 John Portman Boulevard NW

    Atlanta, GA 30303

  • Who do I contact about trash pickup or other housekeeping concerns?

    Please contact a customer service representative from your building.

    Building 1: 404.220.2340

    Building 2: 404.220.2590

    Building 3: 404.220.2880

  • Who is in charge of leasing for the temporary exhibitors?

    Jo Ann Miller-Marshall, senior vice president of tradeshows, is responsible for all gift and home furnishings temporary exhibitors. For more information about temporary booth space at our Gift & Home Furnishings Market, as well as our Apparel Market, see our list of Exhibitor Leasing Contacts to find the most appropriate contact for your business.

  • How do I get keys for my showroom?

    Contact your building's Property Management representative.

    Building 1: 404.220.2340

    Building 2: 404.220.2590

    Building 3: 404.220.2880

  • Who do I contact about advertising opportunities?

    Please visit Advertising Opportunities to learn more.

Temporary Exhibitor FAQs


  • What comes with the booth?

    Unless otherwise noted in the Exhibitor Service Manual, the booth package includes: 2 draped tables (4', 6' or 8'), 2 folding chairs, 2 un-draped table risers, 1 wastebasket, and a booth identification sign. NOTE: These items will NOT be provided unless you complete your Show Package Order Form (located in the Exhibitor Service Manual) and return it by the published deadline. Failure to submit your Show Package Order Form will result in a late penalty or a floor rate charge if ordered on-site during move-in. Any on-site changes or substitutions to table sizes that were ordered will result in the standard floor rate. NOTE: Make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that you keep copies of all forms as well as copies of the confirmed fax transmissions related to this form submission.

  • Should I put carpet down in my booth or is there carpet provided?

    While most exhibit halls are already carpeted, custom flooring lends a finished look to your booth and is strongly encouraged. Remember, flooring does not need to be expensive to be effective. We do NOT recommend the use of grey carpet as it blends with existing flooring. NOTE: All carpeted and non-carpeted floors are listed in the Exhibitor Service Manual. REMINDER: All juried areas require custom flooring; please refer to the Exhibitor Service Manual.

  • What is the length of the tables that come with the booth?

    Unless otherwise noted in the Exhibitor Service Manual, you have your choice of 4', 6', or 8' tables, or any combination. Please be aware that 8' tables may not fit properly in booths containing a column.

  • What is the dimension of the pipe used to frame the booth?

    One and 1/2 inch in diameter.

  • How much weight can hang from the pipes used to drape off the booths?

    The pipe is made to support drape only and is not intended to support anything else. Exhibitors should plan appropriately for display items that need to be hung.

  • Can I store my empty boxes behind my booth?

    NO. Most booths share a back wall with another booth so storage space is not available. All empties should be marked with EMPTY stickers, available at the Show Decorator Service Desk. The Show Decorator will store empties at no charge and return at Show closing. (Empty return takes 4-6 hours; please be patient.)

  • Do I need extra lights? Are there spotlights in my booth?

    The exhibit halls are well lit with general overhead lighting. However, if you need additional lighting to spotlight product (especially jewelry), then you may wish to order it; do this through the Order Services icon in the Exhibitor Portal.

  • Is there an electrical outlet in my booth?

    NO. Electrical rates are less expensive if ordered in advance through the Order Services icon within the Exhibitor Portal.

  • How do I get my merchandise to my booth?

    If your product was shipped in advance to the AmericasMart Warehouse, it will be delivered by the first day of move-in to your booth. If you elect to bring your product by privately owned vehicle (POV), your product will be unloaded at the loading dock and delivered to your booth for the cost of the POV cart / load fees as described in the Exhibitor Service Manual. If you ship your product directly to Show site, product will be moved into booth for the material handling fee. TIPPING IS NOT ALLOWED. Please report any tipping to the Fern Expositions service desk on your exhibit floor.

  • I'm happy with the Show, but my booth neighbor isn't and won't stop insisting I see things his way, hindering my ability to help prospective buyers. How do I handle this?

    Buyers can feel negative energy and tension, which does not encourage them to linger and write orders. Remember to listen only to yourself and not buy into unhappy exhibitors forcing their opinion on you. Many factors go into having a good show, and being prepared before, during, and after Market plays a big role. While management is sensitive to exhibitor issues, we ask that you please do not voice your complaints in the aisles, but rather privately in the show office. Our buyers should feel welcomed so that both you and they have a terrific show!

  • Can I bring boxes on the passenger elevators with me?

    Yes. Items you can hand carry are permitted on the passenger elevator. If you require a dolly or other means of transporting the item, it must come through the freight elevators.

  • Can I bring a hand truck on the passenger elevators and escalators with me?

    NO. Floats and dollies are not permitted on the passenger elevators or escalators. Please go to the loading dock.

  • What is First Look Lobby Displays (formerly Holiday Hall)?

    It's a unique display of freestanding, unmanned vignettes along the most trafficked common areas of AmericasMart Buildings 1, 2 and 3. Call Natillia Robinson at 404.220.2127 to learn more.

  • What's the best way to display my products?

    The aesthetic appeal of your booth presentation plays an important role in establishing your company image at Market. See helpful videos with insider tips from seasoned exhibitors on the AmericasMart Youtube page for some merchandising tips. If you are not the "creative type," contact one of the design professionals listed in the Exhibitor Service Manual.


  • What is the best location at the Show?

    The best location for you will be within the category that is appropriate for your merchandise. Many exhibitors prefer corners (custom booth required) as they offer double aisle exposure. There is an additional charge for corner locations, and you must supply a photo of your booth. If you carry products that fit into multiple categories, you should participate within the collection that accommodates 80% or more of your items. To reconfirm that you are in the proper category, review the category descriptions in your Exhibitor Prospectus.

  • How are the temporaries divided between the three buildings?

    AmericasMart 1ANTIQUES, DÉCOR | Light & Lifestyles, Fine Linens & Home Textiles, HD Home, Home Accents and Home Furnishings,

    AmericasMart 2 - Gourmet Foods, Gourmet LUXE, HIGH DESIGN®, HIGH DESIGN LUXE®, Housewares, Tabletop and Entertaining, Tabletop LUXE, The Museum Collective.

    AmericasMart 3Body & Soul LUXE, Body & Soul/Spa Products, Boutique, Cash & Carry Jewelry, Children's World, Emerging Artists, General Gifts, Gentleman's Boutique, Global Designs, Halloween, Handmade Design, Handmade Jewelry, Holiday, Floral & Baskets, Jewelry, Fashion, Accessories, & Apparel, Made in America, Modern Baby & Contemporary Kid, Museum Gifts & Fine Gifts, and On Trend Gifts.

    *The temporaries are located as close as possible to complementary permanent showrooms.
    *Categories listed in Bold are Juried Collections.

  • What's an un-draped riser?

    An unfinished board with hinged legs that can sit on top of the table for additional display area. It comes in the lengths of the tables (4', 6' or 8'), is 12" wide and 12" tall. We highly recommend either ordering drape or bringing your own fabric to cover them.

  • How do I order more tables and chairs?

    Please complete the Fern order form in the Exhibitor Service Manual.

  • Is this a hardwall show or pipe-and-drape?

    Unless otherwise noted in the Exhibitor Service Manual, the booth package provides pipe-and-drape 8' back and side walls. Gourmet has 3' side walls to promote visibility. HIGH DESIGN® exhibitors are provided with pipe only.

  • What color is the drape?

    White, in all areas.

  • What are the height restrictions?

    We have an 8' height restriction in most areas. Refer to your floor plan and/or invoice for booths with clearance of less than 8'. NOTE: Some booths do not allow for a full 8'.

  • Can I attach/nail anything to the columns?

    NO. Exhibitors must not damage or deface the exhibition facility. When such damage occurs, the exhibitor responsible is liable for all costs related to the damage.

  • Who do I call for electrical questions?

    If you have any electrical questions not answered on your electrical form, please call Hope Clark at 404.220.2244.

  • Who do I call for exhibitor badges?

    To request Market badges for yourself and your staff, log in to the Exhibitor Portal and click the "Get Badges" icon. Badges may be picked up at the exhibitor registration counter on-site at Market. A photo ID is required.

  • Who do I call for shipping questions?

    See shipping information in the Exhibitor Service Manual. Additional charges will apply if your freight exceeds dimensions and/or weight.

  • How big can my crate be?

    5' wide x 6' high x 8' long; maximum weight: 1500 lbs. Refer to the Exhibitor Service Manual.

  • Is the warehouse temperature controlled?

    NO. However, if your product is temperature-sensitive, special provisions may be available. Contact Fern Expositions at 404.921.9904 for more information.

  • What is drayage?

    Drayage is the same as "material handling" and means that once your shipment reaches the dock, Fern Expositions removes it from the truck and transfers it to your booth. At the close of the Show, Fern Expositions transports the packed crates/boxes to the dock and loads them on the outbound carrier. Drayage charges apply. To avoid charges, call AmericasMart Logistics at 877.588.8930 to arrange transportation.

  • What is a POV, and why am I charged for it?

    POV stands for Privately Owned Vehicle and they require more time and labor on-site to move-in. See the Exhibitor Service Manual for complete POV information.

  • What happens when I arrive at the marshalling yard/loading dock?

    At the marshaling yard, the POV will obtain a "Dock Access Pass," then will be directed to the first available loading dock. Exhibitors arriving at the loading dock without a pass will be refused and directed to the marshaling yard. Dock access is limited to loading and unloading ONLY. Parking is NOT permitted on the loading dock. Violators will be towed.

  • What if my booth is not set up by 2:00 p.m. on the final day of set-up? Is that a "firm" time?

    YES. We must adhere to this timeline to prepare the exhibit halls for the 9 a.m. opening day of Market. Failure to comply with this deadline will result in losing your first-night free booth vacuuming. If your booth does not contain freight and has not been set-up by 2 p.m. on the mandatory designated day (one day before opening Market day), show management reserves the right to re-sell this space with no refund or transfer of funds to the exhibitor that hasn't set up.




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