Market FAQs

  • How are Market dates determined?

    Many, many factors affect Market dates including manufacturing schedules, retail seasons and holidays. For more than 25 years, AmericasMart has maintained a consistent date pattern for January and July Markets based on input from our customers. We are the first major Market each year, ensuring buyers and exhibitors can begin the year with the most opportunity for success.

  • Why is parking expensive during Markets?

    AmericasMart is part of a thriving downtown business area, however we don't own or control all the parking lots around our campus. We provide options for free and discounted parking but the other lots are independent businesses and control their rates.

  • What's the difference between direct manufacturers (company sales reps) and manufacturer representatives (multi-company sales reps)?

    Company sales reps work only for their company, selling only their products while multi-line reps represent multiple manufacturers, often within the same industry. However, while some showrooms carry a variety of manufacturers under one Home or Gift umbrella, the product lines can cross a broad spectrum. As example, a Tabletop sales representative would only sell products from one company, but that could be many different lines. A multi-line rep would sell Tabletop lines from a variety of manufacturers.

  • Why do I have to book hotel rooms so far in advance to stay downtown?

    More than 13 million people visit Atlanta for business each year along with more 32 million who visit for fun. Bottom line is there are a lot of people who want to stay downtown so it's basic supply and demand. There are more than 10,000 rooms within walking distance but it makes sense to book early through AmericasMart to get the best rates on the most desirable hotels.

  • Why do I have to register every time I come to Market?

    To continue to maintain the integrity of a trade-only market center, we must verify buyer credentials for each visit. FastBadge provides a quick alternative for returning buyers for major Markets and is simple to access online.

  • Why aren't all the showrooms open all the time?

    While many of our permanent showrooms are open between Markets, some opt to only open for Markets and special events. Each showroom is independent and can make the choice of when they do business. We always suggest buyers call ahead of time to ensure the showrooms they want to visit will be open between Markets.

  • What exactly is Market Club?

    Market Club is a perk for our most loyal buyers. Membership is automatic, but a company must attend five Markets over five years. Members have access to a hospitality lounge, business services and refreshments during Markets.

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