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4 Feb

Influencer Inspiration: Brooke Webb of KB Styled


A Q&A with a February 2019 Featured Influencer

Who and/or what are you inspired by?

My little family (Peter, Reins, and Addison) truly inspire me as they are always top of mind in everything that I do. I’m proud to have created a successful brand that allows me to provide for my family. I want them to always know that hard work, commitment, and dedication pays off and that dreams are worth pursuing.


What would you say the mission statement for your blog is? What drives you to create content for your readers?


My mission statement is to inspire and encourage women of every age, background, phase of life to be their very best self through styling their life beautifully.


What is one project or partnership you’ve done that you’re most proud of?


I'm always most proud of projects that have a deeper meaning and impact the life/lives of others. Last year, I partnered with Chico's and Habitat for Humanity for a two day project that was a combination of fashion and charitable work. I was considered the fashion expert; however, I was able to be hands on and help finish the build of two homes being dedicated to two families in Nashville. I got to know the families over a two day period, learn their stories, and see how a partnership of this magnitude impacted the lives of these families. It was an incredible experience and I felt so proud to be a part of a project that directly impacted others.


What content on your blog/Instagram do you find gets the most engagement and why do you think it resonates with your readers?


KBStyled supporters and readers respond most to posts that reflect my vulnerability. When I create a caption or write a blog post that comes from the heart, addresses an uncommon topic, or shows how human and vulnerable I am, it always resonates well with those that follow along and receives the most response.


What are the 3 must-have items in your closet that you could never part ways with and why are they so special to you?


My ABLE denim jacket - this jacket is a go-to comfort piece for me. I've worn it so much and it has traveled with me to so many different places. 

A white lace Eliza J dress - I wore this dress in 2016 to renew my vows with Peter for our 10 year wedding anniversary. 

My first pair of "real" cowgirl boots - my Mom bought these boots for me and they have been worn for so many different memory making occasions with family and friends.


Brooke joins top bloggers Lauren Lefevre of Edit by Lauren, Bailey Schwartz of Daily with Bailey and Mireille Beckwith of City Peach  – who have a collective following of nearly 500,000 – to discuss tips for developing a strong social media strategy, how brands and influencers work with the popular platform and so much more in conversation with Roni Nuby of Soca Clothing Boutique in “How Fashion + Technology Continue to Collide” on Thursday, February 7.

The February 2019 Atlanta Apparel Market runs February 5-9, 2019. 


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