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3 Jun

Establishing a Presence for Gifts

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Ideas to keep in mind for Fall and Winter

It's no secret that buying cycles are getting tighter, and retailers have to be more savvy than ever when planning. The July Market marks the prime opportunity to see what's new and next with favorite exhibitors and discover new opportunities. It's time to ensure shelves are fully stocked going into the prime gift season of the year. Here are some concepts to keep in mind while shopping Market:

Vietri - mixing patterns

1. Pattern Play
With the abundance of services such as Door Dash and Uber Eats, it's simpler than ever to eat at home, even for those with less-than-stellar culinary skills. Even if a meal isn't home cooked, it can still be presented with creative flair by using tabletop that looks hand painted or personally designed. Mix and match patterns for an even more personal touch.


Bee Local - local

2. Let it Bee
Images of birds and butterflies have long captivated the gift world but bees are making a strong statement with so much in the news about the current environmental threats to the species and rise in urban beekeeping. From beeswax products to visuals to actual honey, retail is abuzz with yellow and black.


Harlow Henry

3. On Purpose
In Japanese culture, the concept of ikigai encompasses focusing on living life based on what you love doing, what you can be paid for, what the world needs and what your skills are. This ancient wisdom stressing happiness and health is making its way west as more Americans try to achieve better work-life balance. Products that embrace these ideas will always make thoughtful gifts as reminders that everyone is valuable and worthy.


Compendium Tango

4. Home Base
Those who work from home are no longer outliers. With more than 4.5 million people telecommuting at least half their time, it's an established way of life- which means it deserves retail attention. Items that make the home office more functional, or even just more fun, are in demand as are products that are inspirational and help maintain focus.


Accent-Decor_nordic influence

5. A Simple Season
While the hygge concept has been part of the home vernacular for a while, it still resonates in the seasonal world as holiday decor incorporates a decidedly Nordic look and feel. The sparse but warm aesthetic rings true with those who want a less cluttered lifestyle while maintaining a traditional holiday appeal.


Concepts derived by AmericasMart from research through WGSN. WGSN is the industry-leading content and technology solution for professionals in the style, fashion and design sectors. For more information, visit

Images courtesy of 1. Vietri  2. Bee Local  3. Harlow Henry  4. Compendium  5. Accent Decor


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